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Exclusively Vegan, Truly Cruelty-Free!

We believe in socially responsible lash routines. 

 Founded in London, from day one, we have campaigned against the unethical use of mink and animal fur in the lash industry. Mink fur false lashes are often presented as 'cruelty-free' but just to be absolutely clear - this can never be. Alongside this, we have actively implemented 100% plastic-free fully recyclable outer packaging for our lashes and we hope to, as much as we can, eliminate the use of single-use plastic in future product ranges.

 We feel a deep sense of duty, not only to our customers who make up our immediate community but to the world more widely because we cannot create a better world alone. It is by each of us as individuals making small changes here and there in our beauty routines that have the ability to contribute towards a positive impact on the health of our planet and the animals who live within it.

Beauty should not have to come at the expense of anyone (Animals) or anything (Earth). We are a beauty company devoted to designing and formulating vegan first-in-class, luxury lash-centric products with sustainability in-mind that are deserving of a place in your beauty cabinet. 

We also believe in diverse beauty.

How boring would it be if we all had the same lash style preferences? No lash style should be excluded because it is 'too simple' or 'too dramatic'. We embrace and celebrate difference because that at its core is what creates uniqueness.

We love what we do and we hope you love the products we create!


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